Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness: Sweet 16 - More bitter than sweet

This is certainly the tournament of upsets. Pretty much at every turn the lower seed was winning match-ups against heavily favored teams. Sigh, I'll do this briefly, because it's gotten too painful. Heading into the Elite 8, I'm not doing well. Only 4 of my 8 finalists remain, and I've been completely shut out of the Midwest quadrant. Butler's defeat of Syracuse left me only Kansas State on one whole side of the draw. Kentucky still has a shot at making it to the Championship... but I have no confidence in my bracket at all at this point. So expect to see West Virgina make the Final Four!
Ironically, even as my hopes dwindle, my ranking at the NY Times website went up this round! I am now ranked 13,886 of all players with 280 of 572 points possible.

Fingers crossed my remaining teams have a good showing this weekend!

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