Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness: Elite Eight - Cruel, Cruel Fate

For the love of Jiminy, will you look at that? Not one. NOT ONE of my Final Four predictions came true. The Elite Eight was no good to me. The only No. 1 seed to get through to the Final Four was one i didn't pick to get there. Good on you Duke, but bad on me. Since President Obama and I had the same Final Four and eventual Champion Pick we are both plum out of luck. But he got Health Care passed last week, and I'm sure that accomplishment is softening the blow of his bracket going bust. What do I have that's as big as that? ...Sigh.

So we got four teams left: (1) Duke vs. (2) West Virgina, and (5) Michigan State vs. (5) Butler. I'm gonna go against conventional wisdom and say the Final 2 will be West Virginia and Butler, because what do I have to lose at this point? Why should anything in this year's tournament make sense on paper?

Sadly, with all my chosen teams eliminated I can gain no more points on the NY Times website. Right now I have 280 of 736 points possible. My ranking has plummeted to 24853 of all players. We'll see where I finish two rounds from now. Even if none of my teams made it, at least the games remain hard-fought and exciting. May the best team win!

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I remembered Una's on vacation. Found last week's column and clicked you. You have at least one reader!