Monday, March 1, 2010

'Couver Town Recaps: Recapping the Recaps

As the 21st Winter Olympics closes (with every Canadian singer known to mankind taking to the stage to entertain the Olympians), I will make a list of 20 moments I really enjoyed this Olympics and one thing I thought was not so great.

Let's start with the 20 Great Moments.

1. Shaun White landing his most difficult move, The Double McTwist 1260, on his second run at the half-pipe, even though his first run was good enough to give him the gold.

2. Evan Lysacek beating Yevgeny Plushenko for the gold in men's figure skating. Plushenko didn't like it, but I sure did.

3. Ohno fighting from behind to secure his record-breaking 7th and 8th Olympic medals.

4. Alexandre Bilodeau winning Canada its first gold and getting that money off its back for the next two weeks of competition.

5. Pairs ice dancers, Virtue and Moir, amazing the crowd in a fantastic routine, winning the first gold ever in the event for a North American team.

6. Pairs figure skaters Shen and Zhao winning gold after skating together for almost their entire lives.

7. All the top women kicking ass in the women's figure skating competition. Especially Kim Yu-Na winning gold, Mao Asada silver and Joannie Rochette bronze.

8. Mary Carillo's late night Olympic coverage, plus all her special reporting. I particularly liked her piece on dog-sledding that focused on the blind doggie. I'm serious.

9. When the South Korean's wiped out in the short track final and Ohno got his sixth Olympic Medal and Ceski got bronze.

10. Spillane's three silver medals in the Nordic Combined Events.

11. The Never-Ending Curling!

12. Bode Miller redeeming himself from Torino taking home bronze, silver and finally at long last GOLD.

13. Tom Brokaw's riveting piece on the Canadian town of Gander that was instrumental in its aid to the United States by landing planes carrying thousands of passengers on 9/11 and taking care of them all in the week that followed. Truly amazing.

14. Frenemies Lindsey Vonn and Julia Mancuso both claiming multiple medals for the US in the ski events.

15. Shani Davis repeating his gold medal win in speed skating.

16. Seth Wescott repeating his gold medal win in snowboard cross in a nail-biting, come-from-behind victory.

17. The reporting done on the condition of injured US snowboarder Kevin Pearce. I wish him a full recovery.

18. US Bobsled winning the gold in the 4-man event for the first time in 62 years.

19. Hannah Kearney winning the women's mogul event for the US in such an exciting run. Go Team USA!

20. The thrilling Men's Hockey Final that went to Canada over the US in overtime. An instant classic Olympic moment, and the Canadian's get the one medal that mattered to them most. Sweet.

And the one thing I didn't like?

The Olympic Torch! Art is subjective, but i think that torch structure was a total eye sore. It never looked like anything other than a bunch of lit up doobie's leaning against each other to me. I like traditional looking Olympic Flames. This one never worked for me at all. I didn't see any majesty.

So that's it for me on the Olympics! I hope you enjoyed reading my take on things. See you back here for London in 2012!

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