Monday, February 15, 2010

'Couver Town Recaps: A Title Defended, Snowboard-Style!

(Seth Wescott soars just a little bit higher and a little bit farther past the Olympic Rings than Canadian Mike Robertson as he heads for gold!)

Congrats to Seth Wescott who won the gold medal for the US in Monday's snowboard cross final. Snowboard cross is a crazy downhill race with jumps that can either push you ahead or totally slow you down if you don't land them just right. Plus the racers snowboard simultaneously so they can shove each other out of the way - just like in SSX Tricky! Luckily for Wescott, 33, he landed everything at the end in expert fashion, he didn't get shoved, and he defended the Olympic title he first won in Turin.

Unfazed by a slow start, Wescott passed his opponents one by one. That included his American teammate Nate Holland, who spun out in a turn (and did his share of shoving the Canadian boarder at the beginning. heeheehee!) and ultimately finished fourth. Wescott edged past Canadian Mike Robertson over one of the very last jumps. Then Wescott survived a small bobble on the last landing and crossed the finish line first by about a board length. It was unbelievably close, but USA came out on top. Go Team!!

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