Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mysteries of the Interwebs!

So yesterday, the internet at work went down. This happens every once in a while when there is a problem with the server. Yesterday's issue, however, had nothing to do with the server. It has to do with some Verizon thingy on the outside of our building that has stopped functioning. Whatever the thingy is supposed to do it has left us weirdly paralyzed and cut off from our email. Here's a brief run-down of what we currently can and cannot do.

*The computer says we have an internet signal, but we cannot load the internet in any browser.

*We can receive in house office emails from each other from Outlook, but these messages won't show up on our blackberries and likewise no messages sent from our blackberries will reach our Outlook.

*I can send and receive emails connected to my gmail account on my blackberry, but no incoming/outgoing emails to my office address will go through on the handheld.

*I can BBM and change my FB status, but I cannot load the web browser on my blackberry.

*I can synchronize to the server from my laptop, access my calendars, and remotely connect to the printer at the office.

*I cannot get to my work email trough web-access from an outside computer on a different internet signal.

Isn't this the weirdest set of seemingly contradictory impairments? How can some things work, but not others? How can the server be fine but still not be accessible from outside the building? It doesn't make any sense to me and I'm really curious as to what the malfunctioning piece of equipment is that is causing us so many problems at work. We have to CALL people in order to get information about things! Nobody calls people anymore! And then if there's follow-up to be done I have to tell them to call me back! Oh, I hope this situation is fixed soon.

If anyone has a guess as to what's broken, feel free to let me know. If you comment on my note, I should be able to still read it on my FB blackberry app (thought it's unclear if I'll be able to reply back!_

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