Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shorecrest Vs. Shorewood: A Youtube Delight

If you are looking for something to get you in a bouncy festive holiday state-of-mind for New Years, might I suggest the following two videos. I saw them on the Rachel Maddow show a couple days ago and knew they needed to be reposted. They were created by the AV clubs from Shorecrest and Shorewood High Schools, two rival schools with too much time on their hands in the best way possible (and such similar names it's almost too good to be believed).

The first one is produced by the Shorecrest video department. The info connected to the video tells us it is "directed by Nathan Kartchner and Cody Will-Braton, James Huffman as creative consultant Director of photography and Steadicam operation by Kollin O'Dannel. Thank you everyone for your support and cooperation. Sign up for Trent Mitchell's Video production class!!!!!!!! " And seriously? Sign up for that class. Their single tracking shot production of "Hey Ya!" through the halls of the school is massively impressive. By the time they get to shaking it like a polaroid picture, I challenge you not to have a gigantic smile plastered on your face.

The Shorecrest AV Club then challenged their school-rival Shorewood (as one naturally would) to have their AV Club come up with something better. I dare say Shorewood rose to the challenge. Check out their rendition of "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall & Oates. I know what you're thinking: Hall & Oates over Outkast. Normally, I'd agree with you. However, they shot this thing in REVERSE! The kids are all actually running around backwards and mouthing the words phonetically backwards so that when they play the video backwards and the audio forwards it all magically syncs up. And again it's one take!! From their info connected to the video they simply say "When Shorecrest challenged Shorewood to make a Lipdub video they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. Ideas are already floating around for our next video, sign up to Mr. Ballew's Video Production classes to take a key part in it."

Mr. Ballew and Mr. Michell have to be kings of their respective schools right now. I really don't see how either of them are gonna top Shorewood's reverse video, but healthy competition can really spark some ingenuity. I look forward to Shorecrest's response to Shorecrest, and Shorewood's response to the response of the response. Forget those SAT's kids! Bring me some more music videos!!

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