Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quiz Show Cheat Sheet - Know Your O: A Quiz For Champions

A couple weekends ago, on a rainy afternoon, I decided to make up one of those how well do you know so-and-so quizzes on Facebook. For some unknown reason, I decided to make it almost impossible to get the right answers. What was I thinking? Did I want my friends to feel intimidated into not taking it, or just feel bad once they were done? I don't know. I went back and made an easier quiz, so people had a fair shot at a passing grade. If you failed the easy quiz and answered that I like Stargate over Star Trek, that's on your head. You don't know me! Anyway, here are the answers to the Impossible Quiz along with explanations of the right answers.

1) We'll start easy: Who's Owen's Favorite Tennis Player of All Time?
a) Andre Agassi
b) Roger Federer
c) Rafael Nadal (correct)
d) Martina Hingis
e) Jimmy Connors

This is a dead give away. I am in no way quiet about my love for Rafa. I like all the other players on this list just fine. Connors and Aggie especially. But Rafa's my guy. Plus I reference him later on in the quiz so it should be a no-brainier.

2) Which of these sounds does Owen hate the most?
a) the whip crack sound of the subway breaking system
b) the cries of a spoiled child mid-tantrum
c) the banshee wail of a school bus engine (correct)
d) armpit fart noises
e) pulse-pounding bass on a car stereo

And on Question 2 I'm already making it hella difficult for everyone. In truth, I hate ALL these things, so now it's really just a matter of gaging which one i hate the MOST. The sound of a school bus engine for some reason just fills me with dread. I was always late for the bus as a kid and hearing the wail of the bus as it charged down the street and I raced after it, just left a psychological scar. Every time I see a school bus now, I'm relieved I never have to ride in one again.

3) What's Owen's Favorite Color?
a) Pepsi Blue!
b) Superman Blue! (correct)
c) Tennis Court Blue!
d) Royal Blue!
e) Green.

This is me being silly, since the first four options are essentially the same color. I like superheroes the best, so that gets the nod here.

4) Owen's Drink of Choice?
a) Red Wine
b) Root Beer
c) Chocolate Coquito
d) Milkshake (correct)
e) Grape Juice

I love milkshakes and I drink them as often as possible. They are unhealthy, but delicious. Thank goodness I spend most of my year running insane distances so I burn off all the excess calories. I like all those other drinks as well, but milk-based beverages are my favorite. I drink 4 or 5 glasses of milk a day.

5) In Owen's fantasy where he & Rafa Nadal are friends, what's his fav part?
a) when Owen saves Rafa from a psycho fan's attack
b) when they lounge around & eat choc.chip cookies (correct)
c) when Owen and Rafa's mom cook Rafa pasta dinner
d) when Owen travels with Rafa to all the Grand Slams
e) when Rafa thanks O in his US Open victory speech

These are all components of my extended Rafa-as-BFF fantasy world, but rather than wanting to have sex with him, I ultimately just want to sit in lounge chairs on the beach at sunset and share a plate of chocolate chip cookies and milk. Oh, I can see it so perfectly in my head! If only...

6) What was Owen's first Broadway Musical Experience?
a) Cats
b) Phantom of The Opera
c) Les Miserables
d) Into The Woods (correct)
e) Rent

I went to see Into The Woods in 4th grade twice. once with my family and once on a school field trip. I recall that Gorbachev was in town and it made traffic very difficult. We sang "You better not shout, You better not cry! 'Cause he's a Commie and he'll shoot you in the eye! Gorbachev is coming to town!" It was Christmas season, after all. I love Into The Woods. I've never seen Cats or Phantom. Les Mis I saw in High School and Rent I saw in college.

7) What's Owen's Favorite Video Game Series?
a) Final Fantasy (correct)
b) Kingdom Hearts
c) The Legend Of Zelda
d) The Sims
e) Grand Theft Auto

This is another toughie, because I really really enjoy Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, and Link from Zelda is one of my all-time favorite characters, but in terms of hours played, neither of those come close to my investment in the Final Fantasy series. I'm sure I spent hundreds of hours playing the original NES game. and there are currently eleven other 12 main games in the series, of which I've played through... 8 of them? Final Fantasy IV, VII, IX and XII are my favorites. I've been waiting achingly for XIII to come out on the PS3. Square Enix says it will come to the US in the first half of 2010, but I've been burned by their release date promises before...

8) What Nitestar Character Did Owen Most Hate Playing During His Tenure there?
a) Michael in the Lo Show (parents ignored him)
b) Nelson in the Junior High Show (bullied)
c) Joshua in the Junior High Show (HIV+)
d) The gay date-raped kid in the IPV Show (Marcus?)
e) Sean in the High School Show (chlamydia) (correct)

This is more of a niche question, but hands down, it's Sean. I had to play him all the time and I never really liked him. My distaste for him only grew as the seasons past and by the end of the third season, Sean's problem wasn't so much chlamydia as it was self-loathing. I had the loveliest of scene partners throughout my tenure, but if I never have to fake whisper in a library scene again, it will be too soon.

9) Owen's college a capella group was called:
a) The New Group
b) Desperate Measures
c) The Spirits
d) Quasimodal (correct)
e) Cardinal Sinners

Quasi! The oldest co-ed a capella group at Wes. The New Group was the other co-ed a capella group. Desperate Measures was a comedy a capella group. The Spirits are the all-male group and the Sinners are the all female group. Go Wes! I love my Quasis.

10) What is Owen's Favorite Pizza Topping?
a) sausage
b) pineapple (correct)
c) black olive
d) pepperoni
e) chocolate

I love pineapple pizza. My freshman year roommate at Wes didn't get along, but he did introduce me to the joys of pineapple pizza and for that I will be able forever grateful.

11) What High School show did Owen quit out of dissatisfaction with his role?
a) Music Man
b) Guys & Dolls
c) 42nd Street
d) Pirates of Penzance
e) West Side Story (correct)

I was like, Pepe, or something. I wasn't feeling it. I'd been in the chorus of West Side Story the summer before, and didn't feel like spending another 5 months in the chorus. It was big drama at the time, as all things are in high school. But all these years later, I'm still glad I didn't do it.

12) Owen loves lions. His Favorite Fictional Lion Character Is:
a) Aslan (correct)
b) King Moonracer
c) Gado the Lion
d) Braveheart Lion
e) Lion-O

These are all worthy lions, but Aslan is the king. He's pretty much literally JESUS!

13) Which of these has never been a proper nickname for Owen:
a) Owen The Man
b) Orko (correct)
c) Oboe
d) O-Zone
e) O-Face

OTM and O-Zone are from college, Oboe is from elementary school and O-Face came around in my mid-20's. Orko, while a cool name that starts with O, has never been a nickname.

14) Owen's least favorite food?
a) mushrooms (fungus!)
b) eggplant (gross!)
c) cotton candy (hatefully sweet!)
d) asparagus (vile weed!) (correct)
e) liver (stinky!)

Asparagus might not be the worst food on the planet, but I certainly hate it the most. The smell the consistency, the taste - i think it's all just awful. If you like it, please by all means have all that you want. Have seconds and take my portion! But please don't expect to me to it if you serve it to me. Not gonna happen.

15) Owen's Favorite Theme Park Ride?
a) El Toro
b) The Haunted Mansion
c) Loch Ness Monster
d) Space Mountain
e) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (correct)

Another trick question in a series of tricky trick questions! El Toro is now my favorite rollercoaster but my favorite THEME PARK RIDE overall is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. I just love it. They no longer have it in Disney World (which is why I hold a vendetta against the Winne The Pooh ride which replaced it) but it still exists in Disneyland and when i went to visit LA last summer I took a day trip to Disneyland specifically so I could go on it. It was worth it. I love it.

So there you have it. 15 questions. 15 answers. 15 somewhat-convoluted explanations. Advanced knowledge of O.

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