Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tis NOT The Season

No, CVS. No. It is barely mid-October. It is NOT CHRISTMAS SEASON. I have not even received my Halloween costume in the mail yet. I walk in your store to pick up a bottle of ginger ale and some Tylenol cold&flu and it's like I'm in some nightmare Winter Wonderland. You need to get those motherfucking tree ornaments, stockings, bows and wrapping paper rolls off of your end caps, and stock them instead with HALLOWEEN CANDY. I mean, seriously, what is going on? Can't you wait til 5pm on Oct. 31st, like you usually do to mark the beginning of the Winter Holiday Season? It's too much. It's ridiculous. It's enough to make me want to join the annual War on Christmas neo-cons are always complaining about. Is it too much to ask that we focus on one Holiday at a time? I mean, Halloween is such a fun one. Let's not prematurely knock it off the shelves. There will be enough time in November to buy discounted Christmas crap in your store. I promise you, CVS. I promise.

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