Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Take A Hiatus?

Can we talk about this picture for a minute? Doesn't it look like somehow the spotlights are inflicting pain upon these people? The guy really looks like he's shielding his face and the girl looks like she just got shot in the back. What's going on here promo people? SYTYCD is not a death sport.

Anyway, So You Think You Can Dance is back tonight. It feels like it never left! Jeanine won only 5 weeks ago, but here we are already on our way to find a new champion. I won't start recapping until after we get to the Top 20, so I get a couple more weeks of rest. I'm interested to see how this fall season works. For SYTYCD die-hard fans, it's difficult to have to wait all the way until American Idol has its finale at the end of May before the show returns. So it's nice to have it in the regular fall line-up. The more of Cat Deely I can get, the better, I just hope they found great dancers and that they advanced some b-boys and b-girls to the Top 20 this season. I liked season 5's top 20 but they were heavy on contemporary and it hurt all the hip hop routines.

I also hope that my DVR works better with SYTYCD this season. All this summer the DVR would shut off in the middle of recording. It was very frustrating, since full episodes are not streamed by Fox online. Mine was not the only DVR to suffer problems with SYTYCD. It's as if Fox in a bid to boost ratings is trying to force us to watch it live for fear that we should go out and do something else and then come home to find the recording shut off 8 minutes in.

Still these are minor issues, all things considered. Welcome back, Show of Shows! I'm ready to accept my responsibility of helping to chose America's Favorite Dancer.

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