Thursday, September 17, 2009

No You "Sang" Chicken

Years ago, I went with a friend's family to Disney World. It was one of the best vacations ever. One night while we were hanging out at our hotel room, we decided to play Taboo. One of the words my friend Beth got was "Chicken." She decided to sing the KFC theme song as a clue, without using words. What came out was "da-da-da-da chicken, da-da -" BUZZZZ!!!! Beth was momentarily confused, and then realized her mistake. "Oh, I said chicken!" "No," we corrected her, "You SANG Chicken." And then we all laughed. It was just funny because she avoided all the words she could say and said the one she wasn't. It became a thing we said for a long time after: No, you SANG chicken. Good times.

Yesterday, a new chapter in the book of "Inexplicable Mentionings of Chicken" was written. For reasons unknown, New York anchor Ernie Anastos seemingly lost his mind on live TV. He was talking with local weatherman Nick Gregory, they were joking around and then chicken was mentioned in a most bizarre fashion causing co-anchor Dari Alexander's to make this face (click on the pic to magnify for full effect):

What exactly did he say? Follow this link to see for yourself. As if that wasn't bad enough, later on in the clip, Anastos cuts off Alexander mid-sentence to let her know how good she looks in work-out gear.

Do you think that Anastos was: a) drunk b) high c) both a and b d) suffering some sort of mental breakdown.

Man, for my money that dude just sang chicken. I love it.

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