Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owen's Andy Rooney Moment: Ghost Hunters

What's the deal with this show Ghosthunters? I've never seen it, and i don't understand it. I saw several commercials for it today, and all they did was confuse and annoy me. Ghosthunters is a show on what is now the "SyFy Channel" (possibly the dumbest network name change in the history of Cable TV - but that's a rant for another day). The show follows a team of people called ghost hunters who go around the world and visit supposedly haunted places in the hopes of catching the ghosts on camera. That's all fine and good in theory, but it seems like the producers and casting directors made a few key mistakes along the way. The first problem is that they only seem to look for ghosts at night, which is a total Ghost Myth. Ghosts haunt 24/7. They can be hunted during the day. Maybe they think it's spookier to only hunt at night, but that leads to a lot of night-vision handheld camera work, giving the show a very Blair Witch Project feel. I don't want to watch that,

The second - perhaps greater - problem is the casting. If you were casting a show called Ghost Hunters, why would you choose a bunch of people who are afraid of ghosts? Every time these people are in the dark and hear a ghostly sound, they freak the Eff out. They start shouting and running around. I realize they don't have proton packs at their disposal, but why don't they try HUNTING the Ghosts, or at least seem excited to find them. An example: There's this girl in some underground tunnel. She hears a noise. She starts to panic. "Someone is knocking!" she exclaims. Then she adds, trembling "Hello...?" I mean, please. The appropiate response should be "Guys! Over here! I've found one. It's knocking. Help me isolate it!" All this should be said with a hungry sort of glee. There should be excitement! Otherwise, they are doing ghost hunting a disservice. The first rule of ghost hunting should harken back to the old Ghostbusters theme song: I ain't afraid of no ghosts. If you cannot handle it, you should be the one calling the ghost hunters, not the one riding with them. Step it up, team.

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