Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Night, Deadly Night

BFF and I have had a long standing dream to sing "O Holy Night"during a karaoke night. Most places don't have it, and last time we were at Duet 35, they had it but the karaoke machine kept getting an error when we put it in. Cruelly thwarted! But last weekend, when Maikiko was back in town, we tried it again and it worked! O Holy Night was sung, and of course we sounded great but that wasn't the best part. The best part was the video that went along with it. I don't know what strange Japanese movie was playing in the background but it was fantastically inappropriate for O Holy Night. It was some war movie, with soldiers getting shot at and killed in the snow. It was hilarious. Someone had the good sense to take a picture of it.

We thought the video was so good, we sang the song AGAIN later in the night just to see what video we got this time. The second video was even better. It involved this girl whose boyfriend got killed in a hit and run accident during a big rain storm. She was running through the hospital, totally distraught, trying to find him, while we are singing "a thrill of hope the weary world rejoices!" And then in a moment worthy of Dark Side Of The Rainbow, she finds him and he's all dead and she collapses in the hospital hallway as we are singing "FAAALLL ON YOUR KNEEEEEEES!!" It was truly a moment. But the biggest kicker was at the very end as the song is wrapping up, the girl in the video is sitting on a bench outside the hospital. She is consumed by her grief. She looks totally miserable. And as she's sitting there, and the last "oh, night divine!" is fading out, a car zooms by though a puddle right in front of the bench. Water splashes up and completely drenches the girl as she just sits there in shock and sadness. Simple amazing!

We actually happened to go back this week and sang it again, just to see what movie we'd get this time, and it was a video of a sad Japanese young man whose girlfriend had left their apartment and the girlfriend may or may not have died. It seemed like he was seeing ghostly images of her. It was not as bloody as the first two videos but just as creepy. I can't say enough how happy these videos made me. They truly mad it a karaoke night divine.

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