Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I ride corrected

For years I have taken the Long Island Railroad to visit my family out in Suffolk County. To get to the LIRR from my apartment in Astoria, I have always taken the N/W line to 34th Street in Manhattan and then gotten on the LIRR at Penn Station. My family has often asked me if it would not in fact be faster if I just went to get a train at Woodside station. I have always dismissed this notion, citing that it was easier to just stay on one subway instead of transferring to the 7 and going back into Queens.

I was wrong. It's MUCH faster to get off the N at Queensboro Plaza, jump on the 7 to 61st St/Woodside and get the LIRR right there. It cuts about 20-25 minutes off the travel time, plus I can leave my house later to get the same train. It's fantastic. I don't know why I refused to look into this earlier. I feel the need to publicly acknowledge that they were right and I was wrong on this matter. This reduced travel time was greatly appreciated this weekend when I had to make three trips back and forth. Time well-saved.

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