Friday, July 31, 2009

Good-Bye, Strange-But-Nice Asian Family!

Today as I was leaving for work, I saw movers emptying out the apartment downstairs that belonged to a nice Asian family who has been in the building for as long as I have been here. SO many people have moved out in the past year and a half, they are one of the few original tenants I recognize from three years ago. I wish they were staying and my neighbor with his dogs would be leaving instead (he's been here the whole time too, and it's beyond his time to move on).

Anyway, I have never spoken to the Mom or Dad in the Asian Family, because they have never spoken English in my presence. They have two little sons, who speak to each other in English, and will shout "HELLO!" at me when they see me coming in and out of the building, but they never speak to their parents in English. They like to watch people coming through the entryway. The boys are unreasonably cute.

The thing that makes this family the Strange-but-Nice Asian Family, is this strange green light in one of the rooms in their apartment. You can see it from the street at night. There's a green film over one window and a green light shining in another. WHY? I have NO IDEA. Where do you even get green light bulbs? The Land of Oz? It's so strange. I can't be the only tenant who has wondered about this. I like to think of them as characters in some strange Stephen King novel - One with more of a sci-fi/fantasy angle then pure horror. I like the idea of these people discussing the mysterious green light in their apartment that is threatening to break out into our world and destroy existence. They can talk about it openly in Japanese without the other tenants understanding the frightening details.

Now the family is moving out (perhaps relocating to Bangor, Maine?) and they are presumably taking their green light with them. Goodbye and good luck, Strange-But-Nice Asian Family! I will miss you and your Emerald City sensibilities!

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