Monday, July 20, 2009

Gaga Gone Too Far!

I hate Lady Gaga. I have no use for her entire persona. I have a sneaking suspicion that underneath all the artifice there might be a sweet young woman hanging around, but I don't think "Gaga" is edgy or sexy or provocative, like she's aiming to be. I think she's totally contrived and annoying. If I was to be generous, I'd say her songs were catchy. I mean, she is certainly momentarily popular. She's really the 21st Century's answer to Ace of Base, as if anyone was really begging the question. If there's anything mildly enjoyable about Gaga, it's the ridonkulous outfits she often wears around town. Every ensemble is a mixture of things ugly, humorous and odd. Sometimes she had weird face masks. Like she's wearing here:

Usually she has strange wigs and metal things attached to her face. Almost always, I find it totally desperate for attention. But recently she went too far.

First some background. It seems that French Designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac recently lost his ever-lovin' mind and designed a line of clothes based on hacked and slashed Muppets. See Below:

These things look weird enough in a runway setting, and should probably be left there, but you know once Gaga saw it she could not pass it by. Instead, she somehow found a way to heighten its creepiness and then wore it on German TV.

Step away from the frogs, Gaga, or I'm getting the People for the Ethical Treatment of Muppets after you. Don't drag my felt friends into your dementia. I won't stand for it.

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