Saturday, July 18, 2009

Examining the Emmys: Shows I Don't Watch

You know, I've always been a fan of TV. It has sucked up more wasted hours than any other outlet in my life. I do love watching the same reruns over and over again. They are comforting and familiar. I also watch an unhealthy amount of TV during my week in prime time. It doesn't really stop me from being an active person (anymore), but with my DVR i can easily cram shows into the nooks and crannies of my daily life.

Now that being said, it takes something like the Emmy Award Nominations to bring to light how much television I DON'T watch, because frankly, when it comes to shows that get nominated, shows I watch almost none of them regularly. Here's a breakdown: there are 32 shows represented in the major scripted categories for best drama and comedy series, best lead actors and actresses and best supporting actors and actresses in comedy and drama as well. Of all those shows, I regularly watch only THREE - 30 Rock, Lost, and SNL. that accounts for only 3 hours of television watching a week. I also watch 4 of the shows nominated for top reality series, so that's another 4 hours. So that's 7 hours a week. But I watch much more than that! So in the Academy's eyes all the rest of the stuff I watch as crap. Awesome. Luckily, 30 Rock got 22 nominations, so I can root for that show in all it's many nominated categories. As for snubbed series like Battlestar Galactica and it's wonderful cast, I just shrug my shoulders and say it wasn't meant to be. For So You Think You Can Dance and host Cat Deely, both of whom are routinely overlooked, I say there is always next year! But let's take a minute to observe that while SYTYCD is not nominated for best competition series, Dancing with the Stars is nominated. If we scan down to the choreography nods, DWTS only has one, where SYTYCD has a whopping 4 nominations. So you have two shows based on dance routines and the show that's NOT nominated for best series dominates the actual choreography category. Scratch your head over that one.

p.s. - Congrats to Bill Sherman for his nomination in the Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music category for his composition for Storymakers on AMC with Bill's a great guy, and I hope he can add the Emmy to his mantle right next to his tony and his Grammy!

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