Wednesday, May 13, 2009

WTF Moments With Keith Olbermann: Miss California Edition

This is a new segment on Countdown and will most likely be a recurring feature here, if follow up installments are like this one. Miss California's claims for the past two weeks about how tough it is to be a total media whore have been nothing but irritating. There's nothing left to say about this annoying young woman besides the fact that she needs to accept she simply LOST THE FUCKING COMPETITION - A COMPETITION THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE! It means SO little in the grand scheme of things, in fact, that she can violate her contract 6 ways til Tuesday and they still won't fire her because she grabs headlines and looks hot with her fake boobs. I know it must be eating away at her that the coveted title of Miss USA (which God had ordained she would get and a gay man's vote, put asunder) will forever be out of your reach. Even if she can't accept this reality and is milking her 15 minutes for everything they are worth, please let this "story" go, Cable News Networks. I beg of you. There's enough real shit to focus on and fill your 24/7 news cycle.

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