Sunday, May 31, 2009

Running to Coney, Warrior-Style

"Seize this moment in your hand. Take it and run." ~ Last of an Ancient Breed

Saturday was the Brooklyn Half-Marathon. It was a BEAUTIFUL Morning and a very fun race that went from Prospect Park down to Coney Island. I have to give a shout out to the race volunteers who did their best to make runners go to their proper starting corral, and even told some interlopers in my section that they would have to leave. They couldn't catch everyone and of course a few people made the first mile and half very frustrating for the rest of us as we got boxed in by slow-pokes. Just start further back! It's not gonna kill you! Why do you want to get passed by everyone who runs faster than you? How does that help you mentally? I just don't understand.

Anyway, the race went very well. I feared my left leg might go gimpy for a second there, but then it went back to normal and i actually finished in strong fashion. And then once i was done, I was in Coney! Woohoo! Coney always makes me think of rides, hot dogs and The Warriors. It's a little weird that Astroland is closed, but the Cyclone is still there and the Wonder Wheel and it still feels like Coney. I had told myself that I would go on the Cyclone and get a hot dog at Nathan's, but after I finished racing, I really didn't want to do either. I remembered the Cyclone as being physically taxing, and my body was already hurting. And I was hot and dehydrated and the thought hot dogs at that point was not really appetizing.

I walked toward the Cyclone anyway though, just to check it out, and once I got there i decided I had to go on it. I couldn't be scared of the Cyclone! If I chickened out on that, how was i gonna rev myself up for skydiving the next day? So I got on. Being that it was 10:30 in the morning, there was no line. I got in the back of the first car and couldn't believe how small the cars were. How did BFF and I fit in one car two summers ago? Perhaps that was why we nearly killed each other while we got thrown around on the ride. So the strange thing about the Cyclone is that while it's fun, it's also kind of like being in a car accident that lasts for 2 and a half minutes. It's so violent, that even though I had my belongings tucked away deep in my pockets, the shaking of the ride made everything come out. Thankfully my WALLET fell out inside the car and I slammed my foot down on it before it went flying away. But seriously, that ride will rough you up.

After that ordeal i was ready for food and I got my Nathan's Hot Dogs and my 44oz Barq's Root Beer for the subway ride back to Queens. It was delicious. The rest of the day was so beautiful, but my legs were so spent it was pretty much impossible to go out anymore and walk around. But I completed my top 3 objectives (and then did laundry AND grocery shopping!) so it was a very productive day.

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