Monday, May 25, 2009

False Idols: KISS the title goodbye

Oh, Adam. I didn't really like you in the beginning, but then I realized I needed you to help fight off a Gokey win so I accepted you, and now i kinda adore you, you crazy-ass glam rocker. It' been a long road. getting from there to here. I was not an early fan of the theatrics and the craziness - which I felt was contrived. Ring of Fire was just too over the top for me. And i said, back at the time, that going that crazy that early was not gonna leave you anywhere to go later on. On that point, i think i was right, and i think that might be what ultimately cost you the title. I really don't think "America" suddenly got nervous that an all-but-out singer could win the title and so they voted against you. I think simply, there was no NEW left to enjoy in the final weeks, just the high level of awesomeness to which we'd grown accustomed. Emphasis on "to which we'd grown accustomed." That's never where you want to be at Final Four and then Final 2, if you want to in the whole thing. Even when you re-did Mad World in the finale, I thought your first go at it was a little better, a little more connected. And Kris really came on like Mine That Bird at the end there. He got all sorts of newly interesting. Emphasis on "newly." The American public does like its shiny new toys.

So you didn't win the competition, but you ultimately won my respect and my heart. That's something isn't it? You'll have an awesome time on tour and then you can either be Queen's new frontman or star in Rock of Ages or American Idiot or be a 21st-century Bowie, or whatever you want to do. Thanks for bringing some new energy to the show this season. Not only did you rock, you glam-rocked.

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