Thursday, May 7, 2009

False Idols: Between a Rocker and a Hard Place

Oh Allison. You will be missed. I am glad you lasted as long as you did. The judges never fully gave you their support, you were imperiled in weeks where you gave amazing performances, but you kept moving on. I have enjoyed how Idolatry on has been fascinated with you and their campaign to "Save the Rocker" has been hilarious. Their comparisons between you and 70's Wonder Girl and Run Lola Run were not without merit. I didn't really think America had enough good taste to ever take you into the Final 2, but I was hoping that Gokey's total flame out on Tuesday would've been enough to spare you and take him out. Apparently, I don't know who America wants to be the next Taylor Hicks so they can promptly forget about him as soon as the finale ends with him winning and then never buy one of his records. Some day I'll learn!
You're a cute young rocker chick with your whole life ahead of you. You've got a great voice. You're gonna do fine. You don't need the stress of this stupid show anyway. Take care, baby girl! Wear whatever effing clothes you want. I'll listen to your music regardless.

Contestant on The Edge/ Rant of the Week

Mr. Gokey. Dream on, indeed. I'm not even gonna touch your performance this week, which we both know was not good. I'm accepting that you're a nice dude, you have a cool rasp to your voice. You've been through some rough stuff on your life, but you keep on truckin'. I don't have any idea why the judge's decided you were going to the Final 2 eleven weeks ago. I don't know why they praise you no matter what. I will be voting for Kris like crazy next week as a protest to Allison's ouster this week, which i think was brought on in part by the judge's goading her into talking back. I've decided YOU are not the real problem I have you. You are doing the best you can do. I believe you want to win and you want to be a good performing artist. I've decided it's the judge's protective nature of you that is truly what bothers me. So instead of hating the player, I am hating the game. I'm so sorry you had to get caught in the middle of my fight with the judges over whether or not your "artistry" should be crammed down my throat. I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out what the real problem was. Have a great trip home and a fun final three week. I will be voting for your competitors on Tuesday night.

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NoddyMonkey said...

I didn't watch on Tues but I watched all the online performances on Wed morning and I thought Allison was great. She has an awesome voice and I'm sad she's gone. Tear!