Sunday, May 10, 2009

Amazing 14 times over!

Congrats to Tammy and Victor for winning Season 14 of the Amazing Race. Tammy and Victor, aka Team Family Law, were my favorites this year - along with Mel and Mike White. I'm very happy the sibling team won. They ran a very good race, seemed to enjoy all the travelling and challenges, and after a hilarious/disastrous third leg in Romania, they really started to pull it together and work well as a team. I always hate when the stress of the trip turns team-mates against each other in the final legs of the race. Forunately, that didn't happen for these two. I thought they had a good chance at winning just by the way the season had been edited. I mean, you can never really know, but I thought Cara and Jaime were shown as being very beligerent to their cabbies and Margie and Luke were a little TOO INTENSE about racing, so I wasn't really totally surprised to see level-headed Tammy and Victor coming through in the end. I actually thought the second and third place teams came to grips with their impending loss in a really touching way. The final cab rides to the finish line were all very emotional. Tammy, in the lead, almost couldn't let herself believe she was going to win, she was so happy. Right behind her were Jaime and Cara, very upset but very supportive of each other, and then after them was Luke and Margie, with Luke feeling like he let down his mom, and Margie consoling him as only a mother can. Oh, it was heartbreaking! But very exciting and a satisfying end to what i thought was a good season. But let's try to get to more continents next time, guys! I meant THREE? Including North America? I know Asia is very big and has a lot of countries, but maybe we spent a LITTLE too long in China? Maybe?

As I was revelling in the Team Family Law win, I realized I had NO IDEA who had won last season, which could have only ended last November. I couldn't remember ANY of the final 3 teams from last season. I had to go online and check it out, and of course it was Nick and Star. I was okay with them winning, and i liked their whole season too, but it had already completely left my memory. It quickly got erased it from the DVR in my brain. I think Team Family Law's win will be more memorable.

I have to say the quality of the Race has really picked up these last few seasons. This was my favorite show on television during it's first few seasons, but then there were stumbles with the Rob and Amber season, the Family Edition and the annoying season where the hippies won. Things bottomed out during the All-Star Season, but ever since then, things have worked really well for the show. I hope the next season is equally compelling. Life is better when the AMazing Race is actually amazing. I'll see you in the fall, Phil!

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