Thursday, April 30, 2009

False Idols: Valentine's Was SO Two Months Ago

Matt G. I've liked you from the beginning. I think you have a lot of talent and you seem like a good guy. An odd thing happened on this Idol Journey of ours. Throughout the whole season, despite your talent, you never really connected with the voting public. I don't know what it was, maybe just the large number of cute white guys in the Top 13 this year, but viewers never seemed that interested in voting for you, going all the way back to the semi-finals. It's the judges that really have been championing your talent all the way through. You were a wild card to get to the finals, fell into the bottom 3 twice in early rounds, then got the lowest votes and saved by the judges two weeks ago. Now with 5 people left and the votes not in your favor, there was nothing anyone could do, but finally say goodbye. I think you could be a good recording artist But the last few weeks you've been trying to do too much with your voice and you have tried to do it on Bryan Adams Songs and that just won't do. Not every song in the idol songbook requires a healthy dose of falsetto. And Funny Valentine didn't work for me at all this week. But I would like to hear what you come up with on an album all your own, so keep going. Best of luck to you. Oh, and P.S. - If you failed to notice. Kara totally wants to jump your bones.

Contestant on the Edge.

Adam. My my my. THIS was a surprise. I think your performance was fine. But you know what? America doesn't like that song. It's Idol Poison. There was one semi-final week last year or the year before where TWO people got eliminated the same week for singing that song! You sang it 1000 times better than they did, but voters don't care. Stop singing that song, Idols! Honestly I think most people just assumed you were safe and they were more concerned with saving Allison and Kris from the bottom. It will be interesting to see what happens next week, as we have a possibly great theme in Rock and Roll and four talented singers. I expect a high level of crazy from you, even though that would mess up your schedule of "one week crazy, following week sensitive." You've gotta stay around to fight off a Gokey win! PLEASE!!!

Rant of the Week:

No rants this week. Allison was legitimately safe and I didn't bother listening to Gokey. Keep bringing it Allison!

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