Wednesday, April 1, 2009

False Idols: Turn Your Crazy Down Low

Oh, Megan Joy. You are super crazy. I kinda love you. I think this competition was not quite right for you. You had gone from kooky and unusual to kinda frantic and over it. It reminds me a little of Real World: Seattle when Irene had a bit of a nervous breakdown due to Lyme Disease and having lights and cameras on her 24/7. Add in to the craziness that you obviously don't like being away from your kid, and what else could there be from you but suffering vocals and manic behavior? It would have only gotten worse if the public vote spared you this week. And there was absolutely no way the judges would save you, so I'm glad they didn't pretend like they'd consider it.

You have a great spirit and clearly the other contestants love your wacky-self, so it's not like you're bitch-ass crazy. I hope this isn't the end of the line for you. I hope you find some crazy quirky niche and have much success. Have a great time on tour!

Contestant on The Edge:

Anoop! Duuuuuude. Don't be so defensive! So the judges hated your song choice and your performance and told you so in front of 20 million viewers. Worse things have happened! Besides, they weren't totally wrong. I mean, I thought you did fine. Don't think that since their criticisms flip-flop week to week that you can act like what they say doesn't matter. It only makes you look bad. We already know they are crazy. Humor them, wear decent clothes and sing like crazy and you'll get through. If you miss one of those steps next week, i think you may be gone.

Rant of The Week.

Lil Rounds. I hate the song I Surrender. I don't know why anyone would sing it at all - let alone on this show. Kelly Clarkson sang it back in Season 1 and it was one of her worst performances. And while we're on the subject of song selection, let me jump back a week and say Heat Wave is Idol Poison! You should know this! I would fear that you'd choose to sing Michael Buble's Feelin' Good next week, just to cover all the songs Idol Watchers hate, but I'm confident it wasn't written in the year you were born. Stop singing junk songs. The judges always hit the nail on the head of the song you SHOULD'VE sung, so there's defiitely good choices to be made. Two girls left in the competition. How much longer are you gonna last?

Allison. You don't ever have to dress like a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and Vampire Willow on this show ever again. It's hard to take you seriously looking so Out There. You can't "Out There" Adam, and you shouldn't try. It doesn't really do him any favors when he does it, and does even less for you. I fear that you may be to awesome for this competition and I fear even more that you're starting to realize it and letting that emotion get the best of you. Fight it! Yo

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