Thursday, April 9, 2009

False Idols: How Can I Convince You, What You Don't See Is Real?

Oh Scott. It was finally your time to go. It's really cool that even though you are blind, you can play the piano, and the guitar and you can sing well, and that you never let your disability stop you from all these artistic accomplishments that would be difficult even without a disability. You did a good job handling the competition. There have been people who've made it this far and been absolutely TERRIBLE, and you were nothing like that. You got talents! That being said, your performance this week was not good, and I think things have been heading downhill for a while. I'm pretty sure this was your first visit to the bottom 3, but America got it right this week. I think the contestants who are left have been regularly outperforming you. You've accomplished a lot and you are an inspiration, and no one can take that away from you. I think you can do well as singer/piano man. People like listening to your kind of music, even if it's not super flashy. Take care, dude.

Contestant on The Edge:

Anoop! Anoop! What can we do? I fear you are on borrowed time, my friend. It's a shame because I think you are 10 times the singer of Gokey, but I just don't think you have the fan base. I'm in your fan base. Keep singing strong and don't try to be Goofy Anoop. Just SING. Leave it all out there next week, regardless of whatever wack theme night they think up. It's your only hope. Stay Strong.

Rant of The Week:

Gokey. It hardly seems worth it at this point. You and I... we are not connecting. I feel like you are this season's Taylor Hicks. It's not that you're untalented, I just don't think you have anything interesting to say as an "artist" as Kara loves to say. I think the Judges are getting nervous that you will somehow only get elminated once it's past the point where they can save you. I think you'll be checking out of the competition once we get to top 4 or 5. And they will be powerless at that point. Powerless! You seem to be a nice fellow. You are just not for me.

Lil. Please sing something that you kick ass singing. Not something that someone else kicked ass singing. I think that's the problem here. You keep picking not-that-great songs on which really awesome people managed to kicked ass, but those songs aren't great and they don't work for you as you try to sing like them. Maybe you don't know what singing like YOU is. That's not an uncommon problem. If you could find yourself in a song over the next 5 days, that would be awesome. Good Luck!

Where I think the Final 7 Currently Stand in Popularity:
1. Adam
2. Kris
3. Matt
4. Gokey
5. Allison
6. Lil
7. Anoop

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