Monday, April 27, 2009

The Best Strip Show Broadway Has To Offer

Saturday I saw Rock of Ages. Up until a few weeks ago, I really had no interest in seeing this show. Another Jukebox Musical? I'm not a big fan of those. But I was told by several people I had to see this one, and when LMM invited me to go with him this saturday aftenroon, I couldn't pass it up.

HOLY COW. I knew going in it was a musical based on Hair Metal Rock of the 80's but i had no idea how immersive the experience would be and how so much of the show was gonna be beautiful women wearing next to nothing writhing around on the stage. It's all boobies and g-strings and va-jay-jay all the time. And rock songs. And some sort of plot but nobody cares and no one could possibly pay attention to the book when there are women pole dancing only a few feet away from you. Buy your tickets up close to the stage, folks! It's really kind of amazing. There's really no reason to try to make sense of the show, just enjoy it. The show really is Xanadu for straight people. I mean, it's still plenty gay, but the girls! girls! girls! sensibility is really what captures the day. And Rock of Ages has much much better production values that XanaduThey sell beer in the audience during the show and hand out imitation lighters for the big rock ballad numbers. You're there to rock out. Plain and simple.

Constantine was a big surprise as the male lead. I never really liked him on his season of American Idol, but here is very charming and fun and can also really wail on the rock songs, so kudos to him. Everyone else is really up to the task of thses giant songs as well, and it can't be easy doing that night after night. The house band totally rocks as well. They lead guitarist throws his pick into the audience and it totally deflected off Lin's hand next to me. The people behind us feverishly searched through the confetti under our seats to try and find it, but ultimately I walked away with it. I gave it back to Lin because he did make first contact with it, and was nice enough to take me to the show. It seemed like the honorale thing to do.

This show is out of its mind and it's super silly, but that doesn't mean it's not awesome and fun and worth your time and money. Go rock out and enjoy. IT AIN'T NUUUTHIN'! BUT A GOOOOD TIME!

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