Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grade Presidential Historian?

I love clips of uber-smart kids being interviewed on television. There is a good chance that despite their massive intellect they are gonna be preciously awkward. Case in point: Molly O'Hare on the Today Show. In the clip below she is in a segment with Amy Robach and Jenna Wolfe and they are talking to her about her amazing ability to memorize the order of the Presidents and their Presidential Pets. Molly is amazing to watch, and I swear I'm not making fun of her, (she's a just a girl! she's cute no matter what!) but the tonal shifts in her conversation with and Amy and Jenna are amazing in the way only a kid can make them. To their credit, the hosts really do try to make her feel as comfortable as possible even if Molly doesn't understand that's what they're doing. If any of Molly's answers fall flat (and some do) they immediately switch tactics to keep the ball rolling. I can't imagine what train wreck would've occurred if they had left Molly in the clutches of Hoda and Kathy Lee.

So anyway, in the first moments of the interview, Molly goes from looking a little nervous, to a little bored, to actually interested, and back again to bored. Clearly Amy and Jenna want to talk about Presidential pets because of Bo Obama, but you can tell Molly is already sorta OVER learning about Presidential Pets. In fact as we learn later in the interview she has moved on from US History entirely and is now focusing her Cam Jansen memory on the Monarchs of Spain. I love her!

My FAVORITE Molly Moment though is when the tables are turned and she starts asking Jenna and Amy questions about Presidents and their pets. There's an intensity to to her delivery of the questions that surprises the hosts and they sort of chuckle it off, but you can Molly is very serious and the fact that they don't know the answers makes them a little dumber in her eyes. It's priceless. Watch for yourself and enjoy.

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