Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Neverending Awesomeness

Shout Out to Dawn for posting this on Da Book today. I don't really know what I can say about it. Kids Incorporated was a show I watched all the time as a kid, but i honestly couldn't tell you what the show was about. I don't think that's so much my faulty memory as perhaps the show had no discernible storyline. There were kids, they talked to each other about some stuff and then they performed 80's pop songs as a performing group. Perhaps they were, in fact, incorporated. It wasn't a good show, but it was AWESOME.

Now comes this clip of incorporated kids singing a song of immense importance to me in my youth, the theme song to The NeverEnding Story. This clip is made even more relevant given the fact that there is an ABSURD project being launched to remake the movie, incorporating (no pun intended) more of the original book. This is a BAD idea for three reasons (1) The original movie is a total classic, even if you think the special effects don't hold up, or you are a NES literary purist who doesn't like the cuts, (2) the book is great but there's a lot of plot, the original movie ends where it should, setting up a sequel for the rest of the story which leads us straight into... (3) the sequels that have tried to deal with the rest of the story BIT IT BIG. They are terrible movies! I have no confidence that a young adult movie made today could really capture the sense of darkness and dread that is pervasive in the book and captured so well in the original movie. Most of the plot of the movie is told in the odd lyrics of the theme song. I'm pleased that Kids Incorporated did the whole song. You could easily cut out a verse and nobody (but me) would notice or mind. Stoh-o-REEEEE!!! Ohhhhh.... When is this movie being released on Blu-Ray? I NEED IT.

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