Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My President Is Smarter Than You

Yesterday I was home sick. AGAIN! This is some sort of record in me taking a sick day two months in a row. But whatever this cold is that's going around it is no joke and I needed a day on the couch to recover and blow my 300 times over the course of 24 hours. As coincidence would have it, the last time I was home sick was also a day where the President was making a Prime Time Address. So again much of the day was spent with the TV on MSNBC watching the time to the press conference tick down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, like it's some kind of News Cycle New Year's Eve. Just like last time, the punditry tried to figure out what he would say and how people would react. It was different this time though, because there's been an extra month of Obama being in office. And Treasury Secretary Geithner has had a rough go of it, but then sorta found his footing this week and the Markets are happier with him. As the day went on and Obama came out to answer the questions, a recurring theme that came out of the discussion was "Will the President get what he wants in his budget?" Some people said yes, and some people said no, but let me tell you why I think he definitely will.

President Obama is smarter than the people that oppose him - and he has all the power!

The things with Obama, is that stuff needs to get done and he wants to do it. While people might disagree they don't really have a comprehensive alternative. Not the Republicans. Not the "Conservadems." Nobody! President Obama gets on TV and he answers questions thoughtfully with long answers full of details. So even if you don't like what he's saying, you have to acknowledge that he's thought about it. There's an examined thought process that brought him to his conclusion. So since he's in charge, and he has a plan, and because his party has big majorities in both houses, my money is on him for finding a way to push his plans through.

The people who oppose him always sound like nay-saying dummies. There basic arguments make no sense. "The deficit will be out of control!" The deficit IS out of control, but everything's broken, so we have to spend on fixing it. There's no other alternative. Every time someone from the opposition gets on TV and says, "Spending Freeze!" it sets the opposition 10 steps back because that is an absurd idea that no one takes seriously. So basically it just tells America "we have no other real ideas." Also some naysayers say, "you're doing too much! just focus on banks!" but the WHOLE system is broken so everything needs some amount of attention. We don't have the luxury to look at just one problem. So we need to have plans to fix everything. Which i think, on a basic level, most people understand and are ready for the changes.
Then there are the "new leaders" of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin! Bobby Jindal! Michael Steele! You might think they have heartfelt opinions, but they are all mentally out to lunch. I know Jindal is an educated guy, but he was well out of his depth in his response to Obama's speech last month. And CHENEY? Why does he insist on reminding people how much they hated his belligerent pugnacious approach to governing? It's like all these people can do is remind people of their worst qualities while demonstrating there's no alternative idea to get us out of this mess.

The people want shit to get done. Obama is planning to get shit done. The time is now. I believe Obama will capitalize. Because people want him to succeed. Because he is smart. Smarter than me. Smarter than you. That's how he got to be President. He's on a mission: Change We Believe. Change We Need. He succeeds. We Succeed. Simple math we can all get behind.

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