Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Letters To The President: Veteran Health

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Dear President Obama.

I am writing to you today about the White House proposal that would require veterans to use private insurance to pay for treatment of their combat and service-related injuries. Echoing the thoughts of Rep. Glenn Nye (D-VA), I believe such a proposal ,"could harm our veterans and their families in unintended, yet very serious ways, jeopardizing their families' health care and even negatively affecting veterans' employment opportunities."

While I strongly support your plans to increase funding for the VA by $25 billion over the next five years, I believe the proposal to bill veterans' private health insurance plans for care and treatment of service-connected injuries or disabilities is an unfair burden on our military families. Please listen to the opposition presented by veterans' groups and abandon this proposal.

Best Regards,
Owen Panettieri

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