Wednesday, March 18, 2009

False Idols: Alexis, We Hardly Knew Thee

Oh, Alexis. Jolene screwed you over. Big Time. If it's any consolation i don't think she listened to Dolly Parton either. She's a bitch that way. And the arrangement of your Top 11 song didn't help you at all. It just wasn't good this week. I hoped they'd use the Judges' Save on you, but what more could you have done with that song? Not much. There wasn't a lot for the Judges to grab on to in your second go around with it There are normally some power notes in that song, but they all fell a bit short this time. I will really miss you. I do not think you should've gone home. Finding you at the bottom was a shocker and it's a shame you won't get to go on tour. It just goes to show how vulnerable everyone is during the early rounds of this show. Best of luck in the future!

Contestant on the Edge:

Sarver. I thought he'd excel this week, but he did not. If he's not gonna e able to nail country week, where is he gonna make his mark? Plus all of America knows his 3 year old daughter thinks he hates her for being away so much. They might feel compelled to let him go home and correct her assessment of the situation.

Rant of the Week:

Anoop. I think you are cool. Please get a stylist. Your clothes make you look like all that awaits you in the coming day is calculus and behavioral psych. It is the most casual of old navy basics. Your polos are not even fitted polos. Look around you. The others are trying to style themselves. Please up your game. I like your voice and your personalirt. Wrap yourself in a snazzier package and you'll go far.

Adam. There is no need to make up for Anoop's lack of look by going 120 mph in the other direction. Your ring of fire performance was CRAZY SAUCE. I understand you've got a Bowie thing going on, but it's too much. It makes me think you'd be better served on RockStar: INXS than this competition. You've gotta dial it down, because you're gonna run out of room to top your antics, unless you star biting the heads off bats on stage. And that's not something Fox can handle in the 8pm hour.

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