Sunday, March 22, 2009

End Of Line

Oh, Battlestar Galactica. You are over now! End of line, indeed. Long have I anticipated your series finale. Would anyone survive? What would happen? I had my theories, none of which exactly turned out to be accurate. I have too many friends who are not caught up with the series (for they watch it on DVD) so I will not spoil you for them here. I am still processing the finale, anyway. I've watched it twice this weekend. The thing that made me most pleased with it, i think. is that it told the story the creators wanted to tell, and didn't really consider what the audience might want to know. It was really about the characters. I can see that there are many things that BSG fans would be polarized about in the finale. A couple deaths here, an unexplained mystery there, the 2 minute epilogue. I really had no problem with any of those things. I thought that it ended with a lot of love, and finality, and that really worked for me. For me the story is done, but my enjoyment of the series will live on. I'll be interested to see the TV Movie about the Cylon "plan" this Fall. We know the "plan" was really just a marketing ploy in the first ssason and there was no plan. If anyone can retcon a "plan" in and give us some more answers it's Ron Moore. My toaster-lovin' ass will be frakkin' eating it up in November. So say we all.

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