Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Born To Be A Dancer

Sunday i saw Paul Taylor Dance Company at NY City Center. A few weeks ago during a lazy sunday afternoon, i saw a documentary on the dance company on pbs and was really taken with it. When i saw they were doing a run of performances at NYCC, i was eager to see it. Since i was heavy in rehearsal for the Woman during its run the only day i could go was the final performance yesterday. The one downside of this was that i was hoping to see their new piece that is set to music by the mamas and the papas - one of my favorite all time music groups. But that was not on the schedule for Sunday so it was not meant to be. Maybe sometime in the future!
LE SACRE DU PRINTEMPS (THE REHEARSAL), EVENTIDE and BELOVED RENEGADE. They were all remarkable and were reflections on art and death and it was really a great show. The REHEARSAL was first and seemed the longest. It was also the most confusing because there seemed to be a lot of story. After it ended and the intermission curtain fell, the girl sitting next to me turned and said "Excuse me. Did you understand what was going on?" "No." I replied. But i wasn't really trying to understand what was going on. There were a bunch of characters and some stuff happened, but who cares? The movement was amazing and very emotional. So even though someone was hiring someone else to kill some baby (that's my best guess in terms of plot) it was not really what drew me in. EVENTIDE and BELOVED RENEGADE were also very good. It's really impressive that the company can have so many complex dances in their repertoire at once, that you could come see the show several times and never see the same pieces performed. I'm very glad I went to see this. My only lament was that it took FOREVER for them to change the floor during the intermissions. I swear it turned an 1:45 minutes of Dance into a 2:30 minute event. Still it was beautiful and evocative and inspired, so i guess long intermissions are a small price to pay. I hope next time I can see them they bring back the Mamas and the Papas number. I NEED IT!

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