Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blinded By Love (and a Dagger to the Eye)

This past weekend i completed the run of a show called the Woman. It was my friend Andrea's grad directing thesis at columbia. I had done two other shows with Andrea, and it was really nice to work with her again on her final production there. The plot of the show centers around the fall of Troy and then an island adventure some years after. The script is a total monster. We made it work though! The show was just under three hours long. I don't know if i've ever done such a long show. I really enjoyed the run though. The cast i worked with were really just wonderful people. I had so much fun being with them and working with them on stage. It was a large cast and there really wasn't a bad apple in the bunch. Everyone was so generous and positive, even when we were there for long hours. I will certainly miss seeing them everyday, even if i don't miss the train ride from morningside heights to astoria at 11:15pm this week!
Congrats again to Andrea, cast and crew for what we accomplished together! And a special shout out to "Jim" The Gnome for standing in as our Goddess of Good Fortune throughout the rehearsal process!

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