Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Dreams: Part II

In addition to the dream with my mom, I had this totally hilarious dream Thursday night that I have to try to capture in words because it was so much fun.

It started out that I was at the doctor getting a yearly physical. This is not the fun part. The doctor's office was in the lay out of the Blockbuster Video I used to work at on Long Island. While they were running tests on me. I saw my co-worker from the office, Kim, working in the back. She was in a lab coat and working in the pill depository, measuring out medications. She seemed very very calm and focused. "Kim?" I asked, "You work here?" "Yes," she she serenely replied, "This is where I work on the weekends."

I turn around and I see another co-worker, my Suki, standing by the reception desk. "Owen!" she calls to me excitedly, "Come on! It's time to get out of here!' So I follow her out of the office and we start walking down the street and we're in this very hilly neighborhood with these beautiful giant houses. "Omigod I love these houses!" Suki enthuses, "This is exactly where I want to live some day!" We stop in front of a particularly nice house with a big stone staircase leading up to the house. "Let's go inside!" Suki cheers. "We can't," I protest. "Someone lives there." "They're on vacation!" Suki says, and up the stone stairs she runs, with me right behind her.

The inside of the house is very nice. Very colorful, like it's all out of a Crate and Barrel catalog (which knowing my brain, it probably was!) and we're exploring this living room on the second floor, when suddenly a car pulls into the driveway out front. "They're home!" Suki shrieks. "I thought you said they were on vacation!" I demand. "They came home two weeks early," Suki explains as if that makes total sense, "Quick! Hide!" So i go crouch under this desk and Suki goes and stands next to this grandfather clock at the top of the stairs and we're both totally visible still, but this is us "hiding" Suki looks at me with this grimace and shrugs her shoulders as if to say "i don't think this is gonna work, but it's the best I can do! Maybe we'll get lucky and they won't notice that we're literally just standing in their living room?"

The couple comes up the stairs and they miraculously don't see Suki. (I don't recognize the couple.) The wife had stuff in her hands and she walks through the living room into the kitchen. The husband lingers in the living room. Suki is freaking out. I am freaking out. Then I notice that we had moved their answering machine. I know that if he sees the answering machine slightly off , he'll know that someone was in the house and we'll be discovered. So i try to quietly get up to fix it, but the husband sees me. He's so shocked that he doesn't say anything, but falls down on the rug. He's having a heart attack. Suki runs over (big smile on her face) and drags the guy into a bathroom, so the wife won't see him lying on the floor. Suki literally picks him up over her shoulder to haul him away. When she picks him up, I notice he has a big pee stain on his pants too, so we managed to really scare this guy and possibly kill him. Awesome.

After Suki dumps him in the bathroom we both try to fix the answering machine. It has this part that's like a pop-up lid on a cd player, and we pushed it down and we can't get it to open up again. We know if the wife comes in and sees it messed up, she'll know we were there. No matter what we do, we can't fix it so we decide to just make a break for it. We run down the stairs, out the front door, down the stone steps and then book it down the street. We are both laughing the whole time. We get about 4 houses away and I hear the wife shout from down the street, "Owen! I saw the answering machine! I know you were in the house! You have to come back here right now and help my husband!" Suki and I hide behind a car parked in someone's driveway and agree that we are just gonna hide there until the wife gives up and goes away. We laugh and laugh, because it was such a close call. Then I wake up.

Thinking about it now, I am still laughing at how ridiculous and fun it was, even with that guy sorta maybe dying. I keep seeing Suki in my head standing by the grandfather clock making that face at me, knowing the situation was bad but holding on to hope that MAYBE we could pull it off, through the power of positive thinking. So silly. Too fun.

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