Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You are a misogynistic turd, Dick Armey.

I just saw this on Hardball and I couldn't believe it. Dick Armey's condescension and gender-derisive comments toward Joan Walsh are completely uncalled for and make him look like a total ass. It's disgusting and I'm really angry about it. Watch for yourself and see what I mean.

So on top of the Republicans having nothing to offer besides more Bush-style tax cuts that did nothing to help the economy for the past 8 years, bowing down to Rush and the ridiculous things he says for stupid reasons, and continuing not to notice how the winds of change knocked them out of power because THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DID NOT LIKE WHAT THEY HAD TO OFFER, they also have spokespeople come on TV to belittle the progressive viewpoint by discrediting it as a wife's "prattle." Why don't YOU give it a rest? Dick.

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