Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Of Run

Sunday was my first race of the year. I decided to start things off with a Half-Marathon in Central Park when the temperature was below 20 degrees. Why did I do this? Apparently I'm insane. It was time to do a big race, though. When I realized just how cold it was going to be, I tried to back out, but everyone I talked to about it was very encouraging of me doing it. Special shout out to Suki for acting as if she would lose all respect for me if I did not run in the extreme conditions, and to Johnnyphat for not trying to "Bad Idea Bear" me into staying out too late at his Birthday party (which was super fun!). Honorable mention goes out to my Dad who was the only person to speak against racing on Sunday. Unfortunately, he called me 4 minutes after the race actually started, so his concerns were not noted until 2 hours later when I finished the race.

In order to keep warm in the freezing cold I wore many layers of clothing. In order to not overheat while running 13.1 miles, i piled on clothes designed for running. Please note the layering as I got ready to leave at 6:45am on Sunday.



(shorts required because I needed waist-level pockets!)



I also wore gloves which were totally essential. The race outfit held up well and did the trick. The sweats had a hard time staying on my hips because of all the other layers of clothing underneath them, but they didn't slide down and trip me up so it was all good. The race overall went very well. I wanted to finish in under 2 hours and be at a 9 minute pace and I managed to finish in a 8:50/mile pace. I actually ran the second half of the race faster than the first half, which never happens. Perhaps my legs were too numb from the cold to feel the strain as I ran faster. I also must give some credit to Kelly Clarkson, because her new single came on my playlist at a very fortuitous leg of the race that was not hilly and I charged ahead to her infectious beat right around the notoriously difficult mile 8, and gave myself some time to spare when tackling the very hilly Mile 10. Overall it was a very positive run and I'm glad I'm back in running mode. The one thing I forgot though, was just how effing hungry I get after running one of those long races. I need for every 2-3 hours for days afterward otherwise i get severe hunger pains. It gave me a perfect reason to treat myself to a Milkshake from Goodburger today. Oh Milkshakes... how I've missed you!

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