Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Awakening/Winter Closing

Mama, who bored me.

I kid. I KID. Tonight I saw S.A. for the first time. I am glad I saw it before it left Broadway, much in the same way I was glad to see Hairspray before it went dark, even though the two shows are very different. I wasn't really sure what to make of the play throughout the first act, but mid-way through the second act I was sold. I think the music is really beautiful. I was caught off-guard however, by how subdued the songs sounded and felt. I happened to score a great seat at a nice discount (3rd row orchestra on the aisle!) I was ready to be kicked in the face by some powerfully sung teenage rock angst. This never happened. The songs tonight lacked blunt power. Some of it you could blame on the sound system. It was simply not dialed up to 11 the way i thought it would be. So the music sounded far away and the lyrics muddy. And what i also got, especially from the girls was some very delicate singing. The tone was beautiful, but a lot of the lyrics came out muffled. The show certainly wasn't BAD. But it was missing some messy guts and power singing that I saw in clips of the original Broadway cast and heard in the cast recording. The cast was across the board engaging and watchable and they threw themselves into everything. I just hate when it feels like I'm up close but the music feels far away. It's a pet peeve. Also, I cannot believe this show won a Tony for choreography. It's not a dance show at ALL. They move and jump around do arm dislocating type manuevers, but there's not a lot of traditional DANCE. I'm still scratching my head about that one.

But the music is beautiful and fun. There were so many songs I thoroughly enjoyed. I really would've kicked myself if I didn't see the show while it was here. I'm gonna enjoy really looking at the lyrics over the next couple weeks. I was struck by so many of them and how they were filled with such poetry and emotion. Even the simple ones ones had an abundance of beauty.

O, you’re gonna be wounded
O, I’m gonna be your wound
O, you’re gonna bruise too
O, I’m gonna be your bruise

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