Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reagraham Lincoln

I love this clip from Thursday's Daily Show. The name is amazing (pay no attention to the blog title -it's really Lincool!) Rebranding the Republican Party is as mock-worthy as it sounds. And it stars Samantha Bee with a fantastic performance by Shockwave spittin' out the beats! And has a random cameo from someone who works on the same as floor as our office! What's not to enjoy?

We needa new tagline! tagline! tagline! tagline! Anything? Anything?


Anonymous said...

The name is Lincool. Get it straight and big up yourself.

SuperOTM said...

I will keep the mispelling in the subject as my own Scarlet Letter. I wrote a blog response about my error. Thanks for keeping me honest, Anderson Cooper-style.