Monday, January 26, 2009

O-Merica's Next Top Headshot

I have recently taken new headshots with wonderful photographer and friend Jeff Zorabedian. There were many good shots to choose from which just goes to show Jeff's skill at hiding my natural unphotogenic tendencies. I narrowed it down to 10, put it the judges on Facebook and three finalists have emerged.

Finalist 1

This one I like a lot and I think it looks the most like I think I look. It's a little more character driven, but that's usually what i play! but I can play more than just that! So perhaps I can use this one when I want to and use a more neutral one at other times.

Finalist 2

I enjoy this one too. I would use this one if i felt like more of a body shot fit what i was auditioning for, but usually I prefer a headshot to mostly be my head. I look cute though! And if I'm not gonna take off my Children's Tumor Foundation wristband, at least it matches my shirt. :)

Finalist 3

This will probably wind up being the ultimate winner. I like how I look, I think it's versatile and I like the color combinations. But comments and opinions are welcome and still helpful until i go to Reproductions. So let me know!

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