Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globe Wrap Up

There was no opening song with made up lyrics. But they did use Pussycat Dolls so maybe they thought they were already halfway there. I got 15 of 25 categories correct. I totally miffed the lead actor and actress categories. I should've also got song and score right, but i wasn't thinking clearly with my cold.

Stand out moments included: funny ricky gervais, funny tina fey, funny tracy morgan, freaked out kate winslet (twice!), slumdog joyfulness, and mickey rourke and colin farrell wackiness. Also Renee Zellweger looked insane, Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange promoted their Grey Gardens project by acting totally out of their minds, Heath won posthumously, and Rumer Willis slouched her way through her stint as Miss Golden Globes. Honestly? i've seen more boring shows. Like the Emmys this past September. But not too bad. Now I gotta get to see Slumdog!

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