Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funn Wth Typos

I am not a good typist. I usually have to edit a post 3 or 4 times after the initial writing of it to find all the words that are not, in fact, words. You'd be surprised what can make it passed my Standards and Practices Department - also known as Spell Check. Some typos will always sneak through, the most embarrassing of which make their way into the subject headings of posts. It usually comes in the form of They're/Their/There or Your/You're or Right/Write, which I can spot easily enough when writing them long-hand, but if I'm typing them out, it's a totally random assignment as to what comes out. Homophones are are a writer's mortal foe.

Take for instance, Reagraham Lincoln. That was the title of the post that had the clip from Daily Show earlier this week. However, the name is Reagraham LINCOOL. D'oh! Of course, I knew this. The irony of me writing "Lincoln" is that I neurotically checked the spelling of Reagraham 15 times before hitting "publish post." And yet it still looks like I was not paying attention to the thing I thought was funny. Silly, Owen. Thank you, Anonymous Comment Poster, for bringing it to my attention.

Another great example of this came while writing to Miggy at his brand new e-mail address this weekend. The subject heading was "You're Own Email Address??!" It's a special achievement to use the wrong words when writing to an 8-year-old whose homework you correct. Gets things off on just the right footing. We're only human, I suppose! Everyone makes mistakes, so why can't I? Big Bird sand a song about that once. It's a good song. You are so wise, Big Bird, so wise. I have not yet received an email back from Miggy pointing out my HUGE error. I'm sure that one is on its way. mmmbee.

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