Sunday, January 4, 2009

Farewell, Hairspray!

Last night I saw Hairspray on Broadway. It's been in New York for almost as long as I've lived here, but I never quite got around to seeing it. I have the soundtrack, i've seen the movie(s), but it was always on the "i'll see that eventually" list. But "eventually" turned into "before it closes" when it was announced late in the fall that Hairspray would be closing at the top of 2009. I almost missed it again, as I knew I'd have to see it this week, but the whole week passed without me looking to see what seats were available. Cut to yesterday at 6pm and me realizing it was either see it that night or see it never. I checked online and there were still some discounted seats left, so i went against my cardinal rule of never purchasing NYC tickets via ticketmaster and bought one online. I avoid ticket processing charges at all costs because they are ridiculous when the box office is accessible, but with the show only 2 hours away, i had no choice. I think it's so annoying to pay an extra 11 bucks because of those charges, that I almost didn't take the ticket. But since i really DID want to go, i decided to flip a coin Harvey Dent-style, it came up heads and I bought it.

I'm glad I did. Hairspray was a lot of fun. The cast seemed really jazzed for its final evening performance (the show closes for good following today's matinee). An added bonus of waiting to see it at the end was that Original cast members and tont winners Marissa Jaret Winokur and Harvey Firestein had returned to finish out the run. They were both delightful. Harvey is very very funny on stage as Edna. Marissa was very lovable as Tracy (although she's looking not quiet high school aged at this point). Motormouth Maybelle had an amazing voice, Link was lovably innocent and dim, and Wilbur rocked in his heartfelt devotion to both his family and his belief in individuality. It was a fun light highly enjoyable time. No wonder it had a successful Broadway run. Congrats to cast and crew for keeping it fresh and energized in the end of it's run. I remember seeing Ragtime in its final days many years ago, and that production was totally dead in the water. So I always applaud a cast for not phoning it in during a show's final days

Farewell, Hairspray! They can close your production. but they still can't stop the beat!

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