Friday, December 26, 2008

What Not To Watch

I might have mentioned this before, but no channel goes out of it's way to be TV's answer to the Weekly World News like TLC. The house that Trading Spaces built now gives air time to almost every physical abnormality or surprising medical condition known to man. Oh sure, they still have a good What Not To Wear marathon at the holidays, but the promos they run DURING that Marathon sometimes make you think you're watching the Sci-Fi channel (if only, then we'd get promos for the Galactica Finale! It's so close I can taste it! The taste is bittersweet!)

Here are some of the programs coming up this weekend. Judge for yourself.

Untold Stories of the ER
Half Man, Half Tree
Treeman, Search For The Cure
Mermaid Girl
Half Ton Teen
Half Ton Mom
Half Ton Dad
Jon & Kate Plus 8
Kids By The Dozen

I'm intrigued to know if Kids by the Dozen is some kind of spin-off of J&K+8, or if the network thought they had to outdo themselves after +8's success. I'd also be interested to know if all the Half Ton shows focus on one family or several. Is it one familyof obese people who each get their own show or did the producers have to search around the country for the right half ton people that could carry a series. I probably won't watch any of these shows, because they don't get the Holiday marathon treatment, but I'm amazed they exist at all. How long before we get offerings like "My Lover, My Centaur" or "Z is for Zombie" or "Fingerless at Forty"? Nothing is too extreme for TLC.

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