Monday, December 8, 2008


Oh Lordy. So many times have I planned to write since Thanksgiving Weekend and so many times I have not. Things have been busy. Thanksgiving Dinner was delicious. My 5 year old and three year old niece finally realized i was alive and a skilled player of "Barbies" if only provided the right dolls and a decent Dream Castle Play Set. Family time was good times. Obama remains President Elect and he continues to speak intelligently and I continue to love him fervently. Dance Dance Revolution has merrily taken over my life. Things are pretty good!

That's not to say everything is perfect. the economic downturn is gonna be a HUGE problem in NYC and across the country. The terrorism in Mumbai was extremely distressing. We have big problems ahead of us in so many areas. But I honestly can't get over my feeling of hope. I truly believe we have the opportunity to turn a corner. Nothing is for certain, but I believe it can happen. For so long, when I looked ahead I did not have a lot to believe in. It really has a lot to do with Obama, both as a person but also as a symbol. I think part of me really didn't believe the country would elect the best candidate just because he was black. It's the fact that I didn't really believe a black man could be elected president. I believed the country would let us down and we'd be as racist as we feared we were. I thought we'd let ourselves down. But we didn't! So maybe this means I could be wrong about other things I am pessimistic about. Maybe I can be hopeful that other things I didn't think would happen COULD happen. Maybe it's okay to work towards goals without feeling it will inevitably fall apart! Those are great things to feel. And I am so thankful for that hope.

Oh and I'm also thankful for Kelly Clarkson.

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