Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jesus, take the wheel!

I think this picture is kind of insane. I think it's amazing that the Super Church is big enough to have two SUV's on stage. I think it's astounding that this is what people have been brought to do in the face of the Auto Industry Collapsing. But seriously? If I had to ask myself "What Would Jesus Do?" in such a situation, i doubt his plan would include bringing giant gas guzzling machines up to the altar in a house of worship and praying for god to change them into Hybrid vehicles like so much water into wine.

I love how the dancer down in front is SO INTO IT. Obviously God will see her dancing and he will save them all from the ineptitude of an industry that has made no real advances toward fuel efficiency and alternate energy soucres for the past 30 years. I appreciate her dedication, but the whole enterprise is just spectacularly ridiculous to me. Save me, Jeebus, indeed!
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