Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was walking around 34th street stores today, looking for after Christmas deals along with oh 34 million other people, when I decided to stop shopping and take in a movie. I walked up to the Loews on 34th and 8th ave. I tend to see a lot of movies there, probably because the tickets used to be a little cheaper there. Then they raised them to normal market prices, but I continued going there out of habit. So anyway, I stroll in there today with about 10 minutes to the next showing of Benjamin Button, so i opt to see that. I go to the kiosk to purchase my ticket and the screen says it will cost $12.50. $12.50?!! When the hell did THIS happen? I'm not usually one of those people who likes to say "i remember when this crap was much cheaper," but i do remember buying tickets for TWILIGHT back in NOVEMBER and it was certainly NOT $12.50 Loews. What gives? Why the sudden spike in prices when the economy is in the crapper? I was so annoyed that I did not go to the movie. I'm not swearing off movies, but unlike live theater, I don't really enjoy going to the movies by myself. I wasn't gonna spend that plus even more on a popcorn and soda just for myself. Especially when I could go home and watch a movie via netflix on my computer for practically nothing. So yes, I remember a time when there were actual matinee prices and nighttime prices. I remember when movies were 10 bucks and then 11. but 12.50? This is new to me. I am not pleased.

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