Sunday, November 23, 2008


Your pending schedule cuts can't come soon enough, MTA! Just this week I was thinking how your extreme efficiency was getting me to my destinations too quickly. Sometimes when I'm late for work and I blame it on the trains not running, I get the impression people don't believe me because it's such a lame excuse and I use it ALMOST EVERY DAY! Maybe once you get rid of the W train altogether, elminate several buslines and cut back on service everwhere else, people will think it's more plausible. I just can't wait for Spring!

Also, I want to say how happy I am that you are planning a 23% fare hike. Sometimes when the A train is stalled heading uptown on the way to 125th street, I have too much time to think, and I start to feel guilty about how little it costs to take a trip on this amazing subway system. I was thinking it was about 23% below where it needed to be, so this puts it right on target. Thank you for freeing me from my guilt!

I also just want say that it's been an exciting adventure these past few weekends trying to figure out your construction-related system detours. The N train runs express to Queensboro plaza, but doesn't go into Manhattan and then runs express heading to Brooklyn making it QUITE THE CHALLENGE to get to Prince Street Station. The R train is on the F V line. The uptown C train goes express from Canal. The 2 train runs local to 96th st. The Q train runs local on the R line. It's crazy sauce to me, but I'm sure it's entirely necessary to keep the whole system from collapsing in on itself. And I have to laugh at myself when i add an extra half hour to my travel time and still wind up 10 minutes late to a destination that sould be only 20 minutes away to begin with. I have to be at rehearsal at 4pm this afternoon, and I probably should have already left - and it's 11am! LOL!

...omigod, MTA, i hate you.

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