Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If Obama Had Lost...

the scene at Alex's birthday party would have probably gone like this. It's a recording of some girls watching the American Idol Finale when David Cook rightly kicked the ass of Daivd Archuleta. I don't hate Archie. I like his single "Crush" just fine. But I didn't want him to win and I'm glad he lost to Cook.

It's fair to say these girls LOVE Archie. Their rage, anguish and disbelief at Cook's win is totally hilarious. I can imagine it's truly upsetting for them, but clearly they are too young to remember the national horror that was Election Night 2000, and then the insult to injury that was Election Night 2004. Hang tight, girls. You get another chance to pick the American Idol winner in 2009.

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