Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Glo Hopper Bliss

In my opinion, the best part of being in a play where you're an unnamed member of an ensemble, is making up your backstory. You can really be anything you want. You can create complex psychological and emotional connection to your ensemble-mates. You can have a mysterious or adventuresome history that brought you to where the action is in the play. The sky is the limit. No one watching the play will be aware that you might have been abducted by aliens, or a spelling bee winner, or tortured by a fear of pies, but as an actor YOU know those things and it makes the experience more playful and exciting.

Right now I'm in a play called Dance Dance Revolution. It's kinda like Footloose set in a post apocalyptic future and dance revolutionaries are fighting the No-Dance Authorities. There are many many actors in the ensemble, and Alex, our Director, asked us all to come up with personas for our DDR characters. Not only did we all make up some really random awesome crazy shit, we posted it all on a super awesome website.


My character's name is Glo Hopper Bliss. He gets his name from one of the Glo Friends. I believe in the future there is a new religion where the characters on Glo Friends have become saints. I actually picked up a cameo role in the show with an actual name in the show, but Glo Hopper is still the main attraction. If you would like more info on my persona pleas go to www.dancefreedomforever.com. There's a great list of who everyone is in the show, and everyone came up with really funny details about their characters.

And please come see the show Dec. 3-20 at the Ohio Theater. $18 tickets through smartix. Tuesdy through Sunday at 8pm. It's gonna be great. It's really funny and out of it's mind and you'll laugh at the craziness and marvel at the dancing!

Glo Hopper Bliss wants you in the audience!

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