Friday, October 31, 2008

Wig in A Box

Happy Belated Halloween! I hope everyone had a fun time. I definitely did. It's great to walk around NYC and see tons of people dressed up like pirates and superheros and vampires and slutty snow whites (shout out, BFF!). I think it's great that it's socially acceptable to run around looking crazy for one night, and the crazier and more inventive you get, the more impressed with you other people become.

I always enjoy crafting a Halloween Costume. Previous years have brought us BatBoy, The W Train, Seymour from Little Shop, and Sam Witwicky from Transformers (to compliment Miggy's Optimus Prime.) This year it was Sweeney Todd. I've been planning on being Sweeney Todd for Halloween since last winter when Sweeney Todd came out in theaters. I am pretty in love with the movie and Tim Burton's designs and Johnny Depp's performance. Sweeney also might be my favorite Sondheim score. So this was an obvious choice for a Halloween costume and I did a lot of pre-planning.

I knew i could piece together a Burtonesque black and white sweeney-like ensemble, but I would need the hair with trademark white-stripe, and also some razors for accessories. What would Sweeney be without his friends?

I looked online and found that there is a mass-produced sweeney costume! It's basically a pirate costume and i didn't really like it. But they also sold a wig AND a razor kit. Excellent! Now before i ordered these things online, I went to check out Ricky's, the costume store that opened right outside my office on Broadway and 19th st.

Ricky's has every mass produced costume there is! Except Sweeney Todd. Boo-urns. I went looking for it in the beginning of October and I even asked one of the guys who worked there for help (which i never do!) and he totally shot down my dreams of getting my costume without the cost shipping and handling fees. They just didn't have it, they said. So I ordered it online.

Two weeks pass, and I realize I have not received my wig and razors. Halloween is fast approaching and I'm getting nervous. Didn't I get an email order confirmation? I check, and i did. I call the company's number and this guy answers. "Hello," I say, "I'd like to check my order number blah-blah-blah, it's a sweeney todd wig and razor set." He checks. "Oh yeah," he says, "We don't have any more of those. Your order won't be filled. Someone should have called you." Que QUE?? It said "in stock" when i ordered it, so what the hell happened? Costume Company could not provide me with a sufficient answer. So i look for another place online to buy it, that can get me the wig in less than a week. I find one and I order it, for roughly the same price as the one I had ordered before.

The next day I go looking in ricky's for weapons that will closely resemble the razors. There are no fake razors available online. I take a stroll through the horror costumes and what do i find but the sweeney todd costume! And WIGS! for much cheaper than I paid online. I was so upset! Why had the Ricky's salesman led me astray a few week's ago. Why didn't he say we didn't have those costumes YET. YET was the key word in the sentence! Well, whatever. I'd have my wig in the mail and that would be fine. I still had no razors.

Two days before Halloween, my wig has not yet arrived. I'm getting anxious. It should've arrived on Wednesday at the latest and here it was Wednesday night and there was no wig. I check the order status online and it says "Delivered"! Can you believe it? Two mail-order wigs that never got to me. I immediately see the upside to this though. I can cancel my lost order and then buy the wig at Ricky's for the cheaper price! Woohoo!

When I get to Ricky's, there are still wigs there and another delightful treat - Razor sets! For only 10 bucks. I buy two. When I go to the register, I mention that I had been looking for the razors for almost all of October. "Oh yeah," says the sales lady, "We had them in a box, but it didn't get opened until yesterday. People, how are you gonna sell the product if you don't put in on the SHELVES?

Anyway, I got my razors and my wigs after several failed purchases and I had a great time. The general consensus was that I looked really creepy and people on the street smiled at me with recognition and appreciation. I felt very good. Another successful Halloween! I can't wait to start to start thinking about next year!


Anonymous said...

Your costume was fantastic, seeing as how 2 people didn't recognize you at first. I must mention the guys dressed like Facebook pages as well. Many good costumes this year.


Earl said...

I love how you did justice in dressing up as Sweeney Todd with your properly styled wigs and you've captured his look very well. Seeing this, it makes me wanna go trick-or-treating next year as Edward Scissorhands with one of my styled women's wigs.